The term "Reiki" is a Japanese word referring to the universal vital energy in all. REI stands for universal or boundless, and refers to the Universe around us. KI stands for life energy, what flows in every living thing.

Reiki is a practical and effective technique to heal , prevent and manage diseases, eliminate stress, relaxes you and makes you feel happy by channeling universal energy in a Reiki session. It is an energy that surrounds us and that anyone can have access to it to integrate it into their lives after doing an attunement in a  Reiki course.



Reiki is a path of self-discovery that gives you the strenght to trust in the process and believe in your own capacities, always following your intuition along the way and keep being honest with yourself.


Since 2018 I provide Reiki sessions and full therapies to patients. Now , I am Reiki Master Teacher and feel more than grateful to be able to pass on this wonderful healing energy to others, and the knowledge about Reiki with its practical techniques for whoever may need them.


Oficially as a Reiki Master/Teacher and registered in the Spanish Reiki Federation since 2018. I follow the Tibetan Reiki Usui Lineage, and I apply the codes of ethics from the Spanish Reiki Federation.

You can find my profile on their website here.  


My main goal is that everyone can get access to this amazing tool in order to improve their quality of life. Anyone who wants to explore their inner self while healing and on their own pace, can learn about Reiki and experience its benefits.


>Reiki is for you if you want: 


*Personal and Spiritual Growth: It helps you connect with who you are. It gives you a technique that is easy to learn and use in your day to day to find your way, balance and harmonize your life and feel good about yourself and with others.


* Manage stress and anxiety: Reiki eliminates stress and anxiety. A Reiki session produces a feeling of peace and relaxation. Over time, that feeling becomes lasting and accompanies you in your day to day, eliminating stress and anxiety.


*Manage chronic pain: Relieve pain from back and lumbar pain, menstrual pain, migraine and headache, etc. injuries: To speed up the healing process and to deal better with pain from bone lesions. 


*Help reducing, eliminating or avoiding infections: It helps the body to increase its ability to fight viral diseases, strengthening its immune system.


*To manage cancer treatments or reduce the risk of recurrence: It has been used successfully in combination with chemotherapy to help the body maintain the physical strength needed for treatments.

It helps a lot with the emotional aspects related to the disease and stimulates our natural defense system.


*To improve your mood and enhance focus and motivation: It helps against depression, aggression and other types of mental issues too. Helps you to get back to your center , your peace and gives you clarity in your mind, feeling more focused, happy and relaxed.



Feeling the call of Reiki? 


Do not hesitate to contact me or make an appointment below.


Happy to help you in your healing journey with Reiki.


Thank you!

Treatments Prices
Intake (60 minutes) 30€
One-time Full Session (90 min) 45€
Full Treatment (4 sessions- Once a week in 1 month) 144€
Reiki Journey (3 months) 40€ per session of 90min each, once every 2 weeks.
Reiki course (Level 1) 111€
Reiki course (Level 2) 222€
Reiki couse (Level 3) 333€
Reiki course (Master) 444€
Distant/Online Reiki sessions. Courses are only in Person. Same prices as in person