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Loving invitation to everyone who resonates🤎

Thanks to the organisation and loving support from sister Fabiola/@intofabweaves from Chile, we will be gathering together to honor the medicine of sacred cacao once again ♥️ next week. This session will be facilitated with the intention of rising awareness about Cacao as ancestral medicine , feeling its effects in us in a respectful way to the medicine and to the traditions who guard this medicine. It will be guided based on the teachings from the Maya Yokot’an tradition.

An intimate and profound session where we will connect from within to all around us thanks to the medicine of Cacao. Together in prayer and in gratitude we will give thanks to our beloved Mother Earth and all the elements that allow us to exist and to live in harmony. Bringing balance into ourselves from giving back of all that we have already received up to now 🙏🏽✨

>>>Feel welcome to join us :

*Next Sunday 30th June
*From 14h till 16h30 (aprox. end time)
*At Munganga theatre in Amsterdam
*For more info & bookings please visit Hipsy
*Contact :
Deisy Vanegas

*Importan note*
We have a limited amount of spots even if the space can hold bigger groups. Reservations are done only via Hipsy site. For questions please contact me.

Looking forward to share this experience with you all!✨

Much love ,
Deisy 🤎 @cacao_hope

*Upon request:


* Rituals/Circles with ceremonial Cacao

*Ceremonial Cacao + Reiki

*Individual or group sessions 

*In women or mixed circles

*Couple or family sessions

*Ceremonial Cacao to resolve conflicts between parts

*For specific events (Offerings to Mother Earth, birthdays, celebrations, blessings, guided meditations, healings...)

*In retreats 

*Workshops to learn about (ceremonial) Cacao with a minimum of 5 participants.

* Collaborations: With ceremonial Cacao & other healing tools (not with other plant medicines) . Such as: Sound Healing , Reiki, Yoga, Guided Meditations, Breath work, etc.


>>All of the above can be facilitated only upon request.

>>On site: At your space or another rented space.

For small groups of minimum for 10 people-Max 25.

>>Also online.



~ Contact me for more details, check availability or to schedule an intake call about any of these options~

I would be more than happy to review your proposal!

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May you always be blessed, be kind ,be true and happy! 

Thank you for trusting the Medicine of Cacao and my service in guiding you in your process with it to get back to your heart.