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*Upon request:


* Rituals/Circles with ceremonial Cacao

*Ceremonial Cacao + Reiki

*Individual or group sessions 

*In women or mixed circles

*Couple or family sessions

*Ceremonial Cacao to resolve conflicts between parts

*For specific events (Offerings to Mother Earth, birthdays, celebrations, blessings, guided meditations, healings...)

*In retreats 

*Workshops to learn about (ceremonial) Cacao with a minimum of 5 participants.

* Collaborations: With ceremonial Cacao & other healing tools (not with other plant medicines) . Such as: Sound Healing , Reiki, Yoga, Guided Meditations, Breath work, etc.



>>All of the above can be facilitated only upon request.

>>On site: At your space or another rented space.

For small groups of minimum for 10 people-Max 25.

>>Also online.




*About the rituals/circles with sacred Cacao: 


Cacao is a Sacred Ancestral Medicine that helps us balance our Spiritual, Physical, Emotional and Mental bodies.

Drinking Ceremonial Cacao helps us to open our hearts, to communicate honestly and truthfully, to perceive the wonder of Nature, of our Being, of life.

It helps us to create and perceive a greater awareness in ourselves and around us.


When we sit in circle with this Medicine , it helps us to open our words, our communication, our love, our patience, to work with our hearts, our emotions, to be open, honest and truthful.


When we connect with the Love that resides in us, we are in tune with Nature and the Universe.

Additionally, it also has energetic, nutritional and physical benefits, as it is a number one natural antidepressant.



~ Contact me for more details or for an intake call about any of the services above ~

I would be more than happy to review your proposal!



Thank you for trusting the beautiful Medicine of Cacao through resonating with me.

This way I can also keep on serving to the medicine while guiding the process of others too.  



May we always be blessed, be kind ,be true and happy! 

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